Vicomtech is an applied research centre for Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing and Interaction located in San Sebastian (Spain). Vicomtech is a non-profit foundation established in 2001. Vicomtech has a strong record of projects in ICT technology transfer and applied research with companies (more than 90% of them are SMEs) in different sectors. Vicomtech is part of the international alliance, specialised in applied research with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision and Learning in the fields of Computer Graphics, Multimodal-Multimedia, Visual Interactive Digital Media, Visualization and Simulation, with several partners in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, China and Panama

Role within Force Repair

At Force Repair, Vicomtech focuses on the development of a new high-level software to generate the printing trajectories for the bioprinter that will allow to manufacture the 4D multi-material dressing for the treatment of chronic skin wounds proposed in the project. Vicomtech will also develop a new software that will allow to simulate the mechanical behavior of the dressing, considering the spatial distribution of the materials that constitute it, as well as its response to stimulation by ultraviolet light, which is what allows the dressing to deform in a controlled way and release skin tension in the wound

Main contacts

Photo of Camilo Andrés Cortés Acosta
Camilo Andrés Cortés Acosta

Team Leader

Photo of Maialen Zelaia Amilibia
Maialen Zelaia Amilibia

Technical Leader