Research and Innovation Services d.o.o.

RISE is a research and innovation-driven company committed to nurturing innovation culture, with a particular emphasis on the EU13 countries. RISE empowers the innovation ecosystem, promoting scientific excellence, and fostering collaborations between research organisations, academia, and industry to enhance the prospects for creating inventive solutions and to strengthen competitiveness. The company offers comprehensive support services for the planning, initiation, and implementation of international collaborative research and innovation projects. With a focus on project management, impact assessment, and innovation cultivation throughout all project stages, RISE ensures successful project outcomes. Moreover, RISE is dedicated to guiding consortia in identifying, protecting, and managing Intellectual Property (IP) generated from research collaborations thus facilitating the translation of research findings into sustainable products and solutions, contributing to economic, environmental, and social benefits, as well as improved policymaking for the public good.

Role within Force Repair

RISE will primarily drive the project's communication, dissemination, and exploitation efforts. In addition to supporting overall project monitoring and organisation for seamless project implementation—with a strong focus on quality assurance—RISE's leadership will be especially evident in the work package dedicated to Innovation Management and the effective exploitation of project outcomes. This strategy aims to maximise the project's impact and guarantee its success.

Main contacts

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Ema Cerimagic

Project Manager