IDONIAL is a new industry-driven Innovation Technology Centre specialized in industrial design and advanced manufacturing processes and materials. Our mission is contribute to the promotion and development of the business sector in a proactive way through the application of innovation and technology as a strategic instrument to improve the competitiveness of industrial companies through R&D activities. To achieve this goal, the Centre possesses in-house cutting-edge equipment for manufacturing and material analysis and development, and advanced software for product design, along with high-skilled engineers with experience in different fields of science. Focused on additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing), IDONIAL is an internationally recognized player in multi-sector applications such as 3D bioprinting. Thus, IDONIAL carries out the development of turnkey equipment that respond to the specific needs of process, biomaterials, and/or cellular structure under a clear concept: there is no a universal bioink so, it is necessary to customize every bioprinter. That approach was essential to understand the current positioning of IDONIAL, with custom-made bioprinters developed, the knowledge to collaborate in the development of new hydrogels capable to be used as bioinks during the bioprinting process and the generation of a laboratory, bDIOlab, an ecosystem of solutions with different kind of 3D bioprinters for initial testing and validations.

Role within Force Repair

IDONIAL is capable to design and develop customized 3D bioprinters according to physicochemical rheological properties of the used biomaterial/bioink. Thanks to that, material developers are able to modify the concept of the process: instead of to develop limited by the machine, they could carry out the development with greater freedom of action, due to it will be the printer who adapts to the needs.
Thanks to that, the main tasks for IDONIAL will be focused on: •WP1: Collaboration during the bioink development, providing all our knowledge in this field, both in rheological tasks and in the initial 3D printing tests, using the bioprinters that we have at our facilities. •WP2: Leader of WP 2, being in charge of the design and development of a customised 3D bioprinter according to the needs of the bioink and the applications that to be achieved. •WP4: Collaboration in the training and use of the bioprinter during the generation of the bioprinted products to be analysed and validated. •WP6 and 7: Collaboration with WP`s leaders in order to achieve all the objectives associated with these cross-cutting activities.

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