Histocell is a private biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel medical devices, active ingredients and cell therapy medicaments for regenerative medicine. The proprietary technology of Histocell is focused on the repair of damaged tissues exposed to oxidative stress and proinflammatory environments. Our products are protected by strong intellectual property with 55 granted patents to date. Histocell counts on a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of professionals from academic and industry fields, including 7 PhDs. The company has a GMP facility for advanced therapy medicinal products development and manufacturing, certified by the Spanish Drug Agency/European Medicines Agency (AEMPS/EMA) from 2011. In addition, Histocell also has a medical devices production plant ISO-13485 certified.

Role within Force Repair

Within the project, Histocell participates in WP1 and WP3, supporting the development and manufacturing of advanced medical devices for chronic hard-to-heal wounds. In WP1, Histocell will contribute with the biomaterial Wharton Gel Complex (WGC) and knowledge in the development of 3D printable bioinks based on WGC-HA and in WP3 will lead the in vitro cytotoxicity & cell recruiting assays. In addition, HCELL will contribute to WP6, helping to define the IPR strategy, thanks to the company's experience in intellectual property protection supported by its extensive patent portfolio that includes 12 different patent families with a total number of 70 patent files.

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