Betthera is a consulting company founded in the Czech Republic with the aim to provide highly specialized and expert services in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) according to the EU HTA Regulation 2021/2282. Betthera provides services for professionals involved in research, development, production, or marketing of medical devices, emerging technologies, and drugs to help them improve their innovation potential. Betthera prepares multifactorial evaluation with a special focus on market needs and potential for medical technologies. Betthera provides these services at the international level.

Role within Force Repair

In the FORCE REPAIR project, Betthera plays the role of economic analysts of health technologies. The goal of our activities is to compile a comprehensive Health Technology Assessment (HTA) framework. The HTA framework provides detailed information about the proposed technology, its safety and effectiveness. The currently used care for dealing with chronic wounds is summarized. As part of the HTA, a health economic assessment and modeling of the impact on society will be carried out. A summary of all ethical, organizational, patient and social as well as legal aspects is also an essential part. The HTA report represents a comprehensive framework, summarizing the results of the entire project, needed to support the decision-making process on technology adoption.

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