Asphalion S.L.

Founded in 2000, ASPHALION is an international Scientific and Regulatory Affairs company with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich and London. ASPHALION currently employs over 150 team members with over 16 different nationalities. ASPHALION provides expert consulting, strategic advice and operational support and full outsourcing services for all product life cycle stages. With a clientele of over 1,000 pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical technology companies / institutions and a track record of over 5,000 projects, ASPHALION offers comprehensive support for all regulatory, scientific and safety activities during development, registration and commercialization of medicines and medical devices. ASPHALION is an active participant in European projects and provides support to research consortia as a SME Regulatory Expert Partner, and has been involved to date in over 16 EU funded projects including H2020 and IMI.

Role within Force Repair

In addition to providing regulatory support to FORCE REPAIR partners, ASPHALION will identify the appropriate regulatory framework at the start of the project, ensure regulatory compliance of processes and materials, and engage with regulators to ensure validation of the regulatory strategy. This will ensure the efficient translation of the results obtained in FORCE REPAIR to support the development of a product that can reach patients in the future.

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