Akribes Biomedical GmbH

Akribes, a small Austrian biotech company founded in 2015, has started a new translational assay development and drug discovery approach for the personalized therapy of chronic wounds. Our unique entry point takes advantage of the fact that the pathogenic drivers of wound chronicity are contained in patient material, such as wound exudate (WE; “liquid biopsy”). We showed that there is a causal link between wound chronicity and detrimental effects of wound exudates on primary human cell cultures and developed a panel of novel and IP-protected assay systems. Using our assay platform for broad screening of compounds, we have not only identified compounds already used in wound healing, but also compounds representing two drug classes with so far unknown potential for the treatment of chronic ulcers, which we want to develop as novel wound therapeutics.

Role within Force Repair

Within the FORCE REPAIR project, Akribes Biomedical will use its assay systems with primary human cells and human wound exudates to select the most appropriate anti-inflammatory nanosystem that can be used efficiently for different patients.

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