FORCE REPAIR project presented at EWMA 2024 Conference in London

London, United KingdomJune 1st, FORCE REPAIR’s project partner European Wound Management Association (EWMA) held its annual conference, and this year it took place from May 1st to May 3rd, 2024, in London, United Kingdom.

The EWMA 2024 conference, organized in collaboration with The Society of Tissue Viability in the UK, delivered high-quality sessions, workshops, e-poster presentations, and a comprehensive industry exhibition showcasing leading companies within the wound care sector. This year's theme, "Collaborative and sustainable wound care: making everyone’s contribution count", underscored the importance of global collaboration and innovation in delivering safe, high-quality healthcare.

The EWMA Conference plays a pivotal role for patients struggling with chronic wounds and the healthcare professionals dedicated to their care. The conference is supported by the industry, which is essential as it brings cutting-edge technologies that enhance wound care treatments. Furthermore, EWMA collaborates with a wide range of national organizations. This extensive collaboration underscores the importance of a collective effort in improving chronic wound management and patient outcomes. Andrea Pokorna, Scientific Recorder (Chair) of the EWMA Scientific Committee, emphasizes that the synergy between industry innovation and organizational collaboration is key to advancing the field of wound care. “EWMA always welcomes the opportunity to learn and gain new information from research and innovation projects, like FORCE REPAIR. That is a unique opportunity to learn about new technologies in wound care treatment, like we do from FORCE REPAIR. Our collaboration maximizes the chances of implementing the FORCE REPAIR approach to clinical practice and its influence on the quality of wound care management”, Pokorna concluded.

At the Conference, the FORCE REPAIR team presented their project and its innovative wound care solutions. "We are happy to have had an opportunity to present the FORCE REPAIR project at the EWMA 2024 conference, where it undoubtedly captured the attention of wound care professionals, researchers, and industry leaders from around the world," said Damien Dupin, FORCE REPAIR’s coordinator. "EWMA conference, is a great opportunity for FORCE REPAIR team to learn and see what other products are already out there and how we can align the FORCE REPAIR approach with real market needs. This is also a unique opportunity for us to gain feedback from the nurses and patients that are going to use our product” Dupin added.

In addition, Damien Dupin and project partner Begona Castro from Histocell. Regenerative Medicine participated in the focus session on "Technology in Wound Care". Dupin presented on "How to overcome infection, inflammation, tensile stress in hard-to-heal wounds? The FORCE REPAIR approach", shedding light on innovative strategies in wound care currently being developed by the FORCE REPAIR project. Castro shared valuable insights on "Understanding the facilitators and barriers of implementing new technologies in wound care", bringing forth crucial considerations for the advancement of medical technologies in this field.

For more information about the FORCE REPAIR project and its participation at the EWMA 2024 conference, the project team presents you a video clip where the project coordinator Damien Dupin highlights the benefits of the project and its participation at the conference.

Project Coordinator

Dr Damien Dupin

Project Management

EURICE - European Research and Project Office GmbH
Ema Cerimagic


Full name

Force Repair: Smart and Multifunctional 3D Printable Pro-Regenerative Biological Matrix Modulating Mechanotransduction as Advanced Therapy to Treat Skin Chronic Wounds

Start date

1 January 2023


48 months


5,1 Mio EUR






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