In the EWMA Newsletter: Dr Damien Dupin discusses the benefits of FORCE REPAIR Technology for patients with chronic wounds

Dr Damien Dupin, the coordinator of the FORCE REPAIR project and head of the Biomaterials Unit at CIDETEC, recently shared valuable insights in an interview with EWMA (The European Wound Management Association). With a vast network of wound care professionals across Europe, the partnership with EWMA makes an invaluable resource for understanding the priorities and needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Leveraging this extensive network, the FORCE REPAIR project strives to ensure that its developments align closely with the diverse requirements of different communities.


The featured article, titled "FORCE REPAIR: Healing Wounds With 3D Printing" highlights how researchers involved in the project are harnessing 3D printing technology to create wound dressings specifically tailored to the patient. The advanced dressings incorporate layers of biomaterials with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties, strategically positioned to optimise the healing process. Additionally, UV light treatment facilitates the dressing's retraction, prompting efficient wound closure.

In the interview, Dr. Damien Dupin emphasised the project's overarching goal of not only enhancing the healing process but also significantly reducing healthcare costs associated with chronic wounds. By extending the lifespan of dressings and streamlining their application for healthcare professionals, the technology aims to deliver substantial cost savings within healthcare systems. The complete interview is available on the EWMA website.